June 2016


Chef Roblé, Superchef

Superchef Chef Roblé Every other day this gentleman looks like a Brooklynite with his Nike Foamposite, Robin jean’s and 10


Laser de Jouvence

We are surrounded by laser treatments advertising. Fraxel, IPL, Yag, Infrared etc to name a few, are everywhere. However, most


Make Up – Eyes 2

Step1 Apply Base primer on eyes (MAC cosmetics paint Layin Low) Make Up Step 1 – 2 Step2 Apply Nude Eyeshadow in eyelid(MAC cosmetics


Alexis Peskine

Fati De Perfil Hammer and brush in hand, the French-Russian-Brazilian with a gigantic afro gives a new breath to the


Make up – Eyes

Spice up your days or add some glitz, glam and Bam!!! You get the Golden Eye look for summer, tan