24 K rose Gold elixir Farsali

Just the name makes me feel like living my life like it’s golden …..24

Karat!!! Doesn’t it sound very appealing? Let me take you on my fabulous journey, when I tried for the first time the Farsali’s magical and natural concoction, or should I say preparation sought by alchemist like in your favorite tales. I fell in love with this product and its fresh citrus scent. In my imagination I was facing a potion supposedly able to prolong beauty indefinitely. An elixir guaranteed to induce the secrets of being forever young.

Farsali is a line Developed in the USA, beauty oil of naturally inspired skin care, nut free, with anti-aging benefits without the harmful chemicals. Effective for all skin types, ideal for daytime use. The key ingredient being Rosehip seed oil. High in linoleic and linolenic acids, vitamin C, and vitamin A (retinol); all essential for skin health. Rosehips regenerate skin tissue and reduce the appearance of fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and stretch marks.
I personally use it as a hydrating primer before applying my foundation. It gives my skin a smooth appearance and a dewy makeup application (natural glow). Don’t we all love that youthful look?

24 K rose Gold elixir Farsali
24 K rose Gold elixir Farsali

Another option you have is grabbing a beauty sponge, 2 drops of the beauty oil and mix it with your foundation (Matte finish liquid or Matte Finish full coverage cream types).
If your skin is really dry you can also add again 1 to 2 drops to damp your beauty blender sponge for extra hydration. (Ladies do not exaggerate, we as women of color generally have oily skin, the first option is simply enough).
You can then use your sponge in dabbing motion with a concealer under your eyes and then with your favorite foundation all over your face for a perfect contour, highlight and foundation base.

Voila my soul sisters! Go on their website Farsali.com and order your elixir. It comes in 15ml and 30ml. A little pricy but so worth it! Three words: Go for it!
I will make another review on their night moisturizer soon… I have just started using it last week and so far!!!! Fireworks!

To be continued