6 things to make your home date ready

6 things to make your home date ready

Clean it

Your home is an extension of yourself and your life. Cleanliness represents order, clutter represents chaos. No one has ever walked into someone’s house and thought “I can’t wait to get romantic on that pile of clothes next to that stack of empty pizza boxes and unopened mail”.


Scent is “très importante”. Think about your dopest outfit after a twelve hour day running errands… Makes sense? Consider the scent of your home as a movie preview, and the look of your home the feature film. Now aim for that Oscar!

Avoid sexual cliches

Everyone has its individual ways of doing this, but no matter what, they always come across borderline sleazy on the receiving end. Having a date over shouldn’t be about you “trying” but about their comfort.

Couple enjoying a date together
Couple enjoying a date together

Make sure your house is a home

Your personality should be reflected in the visual cues of your home, i.e. family pictures in unique or “did it yourself” frames, displays of souvenirs and collectibles from travels, mason jars for drinking glasses, etc… All according to YOUR personality.

Have a date plan

Perhaps couple’s cooking’in the kitchen, a television show of your guest’s liking on for white noise purposes, having some topics ready for good conversation can lend itself to a guest who now feels as comfy as if they were in their own home.

Do a dress rehearsal

This is underrated yet the most effective way to find out how date ready your home may be. Invite some friends over and observe how they are in certain respects when at your home. They say practice makes perfect.

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