8 Reasons To Fall in the Movie Theaters…
28 September 2016CinemaMovieTips

8 Reasons To Fall in the Movie Theaters…

Well it’s official… Summer is over. The trees are losing their cool and Orange is the new Green.
The sun has left us, but for people living in France ; the sun left them last winter and it hasn’t made an apearance since.
The Wind has instead taken its place. Running, blowing, twirling and fluttering in our streets and unfortunately believing that we like it.
Mini-skirts and bikinis are back in their closets and beautiful tanned skins are fading. The men with six pack abs and muscles are now back in McDonald’s, Popeye’s or BurgerKing (well if those men really do exist… And no I am not jealous.)
So, because I like you all, and in order to help you move forward and forget this tragedy, here are a selection of movies I’ve put together for your enjoyment.

<b>JACK REACHER : NEVER GO BACK</b></br></i> de Edward Zwick</br> - 19 octobre 2016</i><b>THE HANDMAIDEN</b></br> <i>de Park Chan-Wook</br> - 2 novembre 2016</i><b>INFERNO</b></br> <i>de Ron Howard</br> - 9 novembre 2016</i><b>Fantastics Beasts</b></br> <i>David Yates</br> - 16 novembre 2016</i><b>TANNA</b></br> <i>de Martin Butler, Bentley Dean</br> 16 novembre 2016</i><b>SULLY</b> </br><i>de Clint Eastwood</br> - 30 novembre 2016</i><b>Moana</b> </br></i>de John Musker, Ron Clements</br> - 30 novembre 2016</i><b>ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY</b></br> <i>de Gareth Edwards</br> - 14 décembre 2016</i><i> + bonus</i> </br><b>HIDDEN FIGURES</b></br><i>de Theodore Melfi</br> - 1 février 2017</i>

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