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Are you ready to follow me on a virtual exotic trip to discover the beauty secrets of Moroccan women? My name is Jasmine, and I am a French girl with Moroccan origins. Despite the fact I was born and raised in France, I have always kept myself closely in touch with my Moroccan origins. With time, I even developed a true passion for Moroccan beauty treatments and products. They are truly amazing. My favorites so far are products that are 100% natural and made traditionally. Following my blog, you will discover all the beauty secrets of Moroccan women and how they will make you feel more sensual and feminine than ever!

©Aleksandar Todorovic_bigstockphoto.com

Aleksandar Todorovic, BigStockPhoto

Beauty in Morocco is an ancestral practice that is secretly kept by women and has been transmitted from mother to daughter since the dawn of time. Like many other young Moroccan women, I inherited those secrets, to which, my grandmother added her own twist.

One of the most important beauty rituals taught by Moroccan mothers is the purification of the body and soul. To do so, every Moroccan woman, regardless of age, goes once a week to the mystical and magical hammam (the hammam is a vapor bath heated to 122 degrees Fahrenheit). The hammam has many beneficial effects; not only do the heat and the humidity relieve muscle tension and stress., but they also detoxify the body from toxins and bacteria by opening the skin’s pores and permitting the process of deep cleansing.

Going to the hammam is a incredible experience. We never go alone. We are always in the company of friends and/or family. It’s really a unique and relaxing moment that gives us time to disconnect from the outside world and let ourselves enjoy the mystical peaceful ambience of the hammam. In Morocco, most of hammams have 3 heated rooms, going from coolest to hottest. We work our way through each room to let our body get accustomed to the heat. Once we get in the most heated room, we begin our beauty treatments.

First of all, we apply the natural Moroccan black soap all over the body. I know you certainly haven’t ever heard about this soap. It’s a traditional Moroccan soap, 100% natural, based on olive oil, very rich in vitamin E and suitable for every type of skin. Soon you will be able to buy it on our lespetitescharmeuses.com store.

Once we apply the soap all over our body, we leave it on for about 10-15 minutes and after that we rinse with warm water. If you don’t have black soap, then don’t use soap at all. The black soap makes the exfoliation easier, but it’s not indispensable.

Now begins the real challenge, the exfoliation with the kessa ! The kessa is a glove made with coarse fabric that exfoliates the skin and unclogs the pores and helps get ride of impurities. The kessa is the indispensable beauty product of every Moroccan woman. You will never  ever meet a Moroccan woman who doesn’t own a kessa glove; eveeeeeeeeeer !


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To exfoliate the skin, we humidify the glove with some hot water and then we energetically rub it on our skin. Don’t kill yourself either, but your skin should be a little red from rubbing the glove on it. While you rub, you will see some kind of little dark spaghetti appearing. It’s your skin peeling… Yes, it is ! Those spaghetti are not from the glove, it’s your dead skin. Depending on your complexion, the color of the spaghetti can differ, but basically the darker your skin, the darker they are. Every part of the body must be scrubbed and you should focus on the rough areas like knees, elbow, feet as they require more attention as they accumulate more dead skin.

It will take quite some time to properly scrub your entire body, but believe me its so worth it. You will feel clean and totally relaxed and your skin will come out soft and glowing like a baby’s bottom. You will receive many compliments from anyone who comes in contact with your skin. On top of that, it will make you look younger. Indeed, the quality and softness of your skin reflects your age, so the more you take care of your skin ; the younger you stay. And it goes without saying, men love women with soft skin !

Now, I know that not everyone has access to a hammam, but you can still scrub yourself at home by taking a long hot shower. Make sure you close the door so you can keep the humidity and heat in the shower. After 15 minutes under the hot water, rub your hand over your skin. If you are able to feel the skin peeling, then it’s time to scrub. If not, stay there for more time. Make sure the water is hot, as hot as you can tolerate it.

Also, it does not work for some skin types. I am not sure why, but I have a friend who couldn’t be scrubbed successfully. We were in a hammam in Morocco, and she stayed with me in the most heated room. My aunt came to scrub us. My skin peeled like a snake, but for my friend, it was impossible to get the skin off no matter how hard my aunt was rubbing! So don’t kill yourself if you don’t see any skin. I will describe in another article other ways to scrub your skin. If you have any questions or suggestions to make about my article, please don’t hesitate to do so !

I wish you a wonderful week !

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