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Spice up your days or add some glitz, glam and Bam!!! You get the Golden Eye look for summer, tan skin and sparkling eyes. The way I play with this gold glitter liner is a little unusual, I apply it on the crease and feels that every time ones blink! Ones shine bright like diamond. So have fun this summer trying graphic colored liners or the glitter liners!

Step 1

  • Primer all over face
  • Cinema secrets ultimate foundation primer

Step 2


  • Fast forward but Soon coming a tutorial on contouring and highlighting.
  • Highlight and contour the face, then blend with pink beauty blender sponge and use loose translucent blot powder by Mac Cosmetics to keep your skin matte. Goodbye extra shine.


  • 2 blushes by Mac Cosmetics in color format ( brown iridescent shade) mixed with style (orange iridescent shade)


  • Concealer color in light shade Pure Beige by LA girl. (Under eyes, chin, nose area, top of the lips, forehead)

Step 3

Foundation under cheekbone in a medium color called NC44 Mineralize Liquid Foundation by Mac Cosmetics

Step 4

Stick foundation for contours called Mocha by Black Opal, its a dark brown color

Step 5

Eyes: Primer paint called layin’ low

Step 6

Loose Eyeshow pigment highlight on brow bone called Vanilla by Mac Cosmetics

Step 7

Crease using a warm brown eyeshadow called Brown Script by Mac Cosmetics with a blending brush #224 by Mac Cosmetics

Step 8

Use a lining #13 stila brush trace the cut crease shape and the liner, using at first the eyeshadow brown script. It will avoid making drastic mistakes hard to remove.

Step 9

Take a glitter liner apply it on cut crease line, have fun using Gold Pure Show Superslick Eyeliner Liquid Eye Liner by Mac Cosmetics

Step 10

Take a black gel liner with a #266 brush by Mac Cosmetics and go over the eyeshadow liner made previously.

Step 11

Apply some mascara and some lashes if you want! Up and down ur own lashes

And thats it!

Glittery eyelids!

Lips: Cork liner and lip glosses C thru and Beaux Mixed together (nude-brownish) by Mac Cosmetics

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15 June 2018
Joe Ouakam

Joe Ouakam

2 February 2018
Learn How To Tidy Your Makeup Area


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15 June 2018
Joe Ouakam

Joe Ouakam

2 February 2018
Learn How To Tidy Your Makeup Area