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  69. And Now…

Yes, I too got into it ! It is for the mind and for our balance. You need to think about elevating your vibrations ! Positive energy for our well- being.

The positive energy ! This is what all who practice yoga or meditation seek : get a calm energy that is neither a hysterical zeal nor a submissive calm but an effective strength on a background of peace of mind.

Inspired by techniques as old as the world, active meditations created by Osho are particularly suited to the modern lifestyle and will respond to this quest for positive energy.

Sessions last one hour and can either be practiced alone or in groups. They have the advantage of being very simple to implement and very quick to take effect.

The effects go well beyond the positive energy. They are ranging from fighting against stress to the calming of emotions and mind.

The Gourishankar meditation, especially, which name refers to a prestigious summit of Mount Everest where the thin air has a reputation to bring up this sought-after positive energy, is practiced at night in four stages of fifteen minutes each ; the first two consisting of a preparation for the third.


Michael Jung

  1. Sit down with your eyes closed, inhale deeply through your nose to fill your lungs. Hold your breath as long as possible.
    Exhale slowly through your mouth, and keep the lungs empty, always as long as possible. Practice for a quarter of an hour.
  2. Hold your natural breathing while contemplating the flame of a candle, while your body is staying still and keeping the mind focused on the positive energy.
  3. Close your eyes and relax in the standing position. Cultivate responsiveness by not making any voluntary movement but by letting your body move at will. Let the movements happen in gentleness.
  4. Stay lying down, eyes closed, silent and motionless. There, normally, you should have overflowing positive energy.

Buy the collection of books by Osho that you’ll love, he is one of my favorite yogis.

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