1. Banana gnocchi,Farm chicken supreme and mushroom cream
  2. Introducing Dark Makeup
  3. Prelim
  4. Joe Ouakam
  5. Learn How To Tidy Your Makeup Area
  6. Zab Pop Up Shop
  7. Summer is coming and their fans too.
  8. Rafiya
  9. Chatting with Christian Eyenga
  10. Sankara, le rebelle: Sennen Andriamirado
  11. Recipe for Attiékié Sushi
  12. The bitter side of sugar
  14. The Weight of Words
  15. Fashion trends that suits short hair
  16. The Healing Power of Plants
  17. Man Up Dude, Get a Pedicure
  18. Sauti-Sol
  19. The Godmother Of Rock and Roll
  20. The premium multicultural male grooming line has arrived
  21. Art in the Surma tribe in Ethiopia
  22. Moroccan inspired oasis at home ?
  23. Nola Adé
  24. Superfoods and Inner Balance
  25. Luke Cage… what else
  26. Baobab for beauty, for health and for life!
  27. Respect The Architect
  28. Home – Finding a Good Balance
  29. Lotus Moon Skin Care
  30. Serge Ibaka, Son of Congo
  31. The Antidote for the skin
  32. Fela Fela Fela
  33. Tour of Martinique in Yoles
  34. One chance to make a first impression
  35. 24 K rose Gold elixir
  36. The New Stereotype (TNS)
  37. Mash plantains
  38. A Continent on its Feet
  39. Noella Coursaris
  40. Asics Tiger Tanabata Pack
  41. Oumou Kandé Diao, black modeling agency in France
  42. Nicholle Kobi – Drawer With Attitude
  43. When Vans meets Nintendo
  44. Caring for your hair during the summer
  45. What is White Worth? – Consider The Consequences of Skin Bleaching
  46. Chronicle of a Hardcore Yogi
  47. Ade Hassan, the Nubian Queen
  48. Chef Roblé, Superchef
  49. Laser de Jouvence
  50. Make Up – Eyes 2
  51. Alexis Peskine
  52. Make up – Eyes
  53. Between modernity and tradition
  54. Playing For Change
  55. Prevention Better Alternative Than A Cure
  56. New investors await a ladder
  57. The G-Spot Injection
  58. Pegguy Tabu – “Pardonner”
  59. Nike Air Presto Ultra-Flyknit
  60. Tomorrow, God willing – Khadi Hane
  61. To Your incense ! Ready! Meditate !
  62. Hammam Getaway
  63. The Art of Erotic Massage !
  64. Malonga, Chef and Globe-Trotter
  65. Exotic Bread
  66. Small Pepper
  67. Knock knock knocking on Heaven’s Door
  68. Nelson Mandela’s Rainbow Governance
  69. And Now…

The “G-Spot injection” is a treatment that is supposed to enhance sexual pleasure! According to the doctor I have consulted, 89% of women who have done it have experienced a dramatic enhancement of their sexual pleasure! ” 89%“ that works fine for me!



First, the doctor asked me if I knew where my G-spot was. I couldn’t believe it! So I went touching myself and after a few minutes, he came back and asked me if I have “found it…” Of course not! However, I directed him to a more sensitive area he tried to locate with a q-tip so tiny I couldn’t feel anything but a little pinch neither bad nor pleasing. Remember it is the inside my vagina that he was pinching! Then, he said he would insert a tube in my urethra to prevent injected collagen to go inside my bladder… WTF!

G-Spot - photo by Samir Bahrir

Illustration by Samir Bahrir

This was getting worse and worse ! Inserting something inside my vagina, it‘s ok, I am kind of use to it (LOL), but my “little tiny pee button…” If I had known this beforehand, I would have never agreed. It burns, it’s really uncomfortable and it hurts! He then finally proceeded to the injection of collagen, which did not hurt too much, as my vagina was numb by now. But it still felt uncomfortable. Then he asked me to go to the bathroom to pee and gave me an antibiotic to prevent infections. He also told me to wait 24 hours before having sex. After all that, I was so relieved to leave his office. This was not a good experience for me. And just because the intervention included the insertion of a tube in my tiny pee button, I swear I will never do that again. So, 24 hours later, my partner was eager to see if my injection worthed the pain and guess what? Nothing changed!

This was totally useless, I even experienced some pain during my first intercourse!

This was totally useless, I even experienced some pain during my first intercourse! You can make your own conclusion, maybe I’m just not part of the 89% or maybe all of this is total BS. To be honest, I do think it’s kind of BS, first of all because they all said it was painless, took 15 minutes with wonderful results. Some of them even claimed sex right after the injection. Maybe it’s the doctor! Hum, I don’t know. What I know for sure is that I will not go through this again!

Read more in Afropolitain Magazine #1 – Wake-Up.

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