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Afropolitain - Le Sucre - Source d hypertension

14Slavery and sugar have a common story. An infinite number of African people were enslaved and brought to the West...
Afropolitain Magazine - Cola

During many aeons ago our ancestors have been using plants to enhance their health or to cure diseases, even nowadays...
Afropolitain Magazine - Nike Pro-hero

Are you motivated to shed that stubborn belly fat and get your six packs game up ? Sexy bikini lines...
Afropolitain Magazine - Gluten free grain abstract - top view of teardrop shaped bowls with quinoa, teff, millet, rice, sorghum and buckwheat grains against grunge wood

If you have not been living in a cave lately you may have heard about super foods and many of...
Afropolitain Magazine - Baobab Tree

The baobab tree is Africa’s best kept secret. It has been used as shelters, jails, post offices, bush pubs and...
Men feet

I would like us to pay a visit to my beloved continent of Africa. A continent rich in resources, people,...
Yoga by Nicholle Kobi

The practice of Yoga was brought to the West by hippie globe trotters who unfortunately passed it on to a...
African-american doctor man. Health care medical background.

Ok men, have you ever taken care of a car? Is it better to change the brake pads when they...
Afropolitain Magazine - beautiful young african woman meditating at home

Yes, I too got into it ! It is for the mind and for our balance. You need to think...