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Afropolitain-magazine - Rafiya

Afropop rising star, Rafiya, hails from the Democratic Republic of Congo but is a proud Pan-African. She will be the...
Afropolitain - Thomas Sankara - UN - 10.4.1984

After the biographies written by Bruno Jaffré, La patrie ou la mort and Ndongo Samba Sylla's Rediscovering Sankara, Martyr de...
Afropolitain Magazine - Sauti-sol

Sauti-sol The music band, Sauti Sol, was performing in NYC last week. We couldn’t pass the opportunity to have a...
Afropolitain Magazine - Sister Rosetta Tharpe performing in Café Society in 1940 - photo by Charles Peterson

Sister Rosetta Tharpe From poverty to fame. Southern-born. Chicago-raised. New York-made. First great recording star of gospel music. One of...
Afropolitain Magazine - Le Malheur De Vivre - Ndeye Fatou-Kane

Le Malheur De Vivre - Ndeye Fatou-Kane Young, beautiful, seductive and only daughter of the retailers couple Amadou and Mariam...
Afropolitain Magazine - Tanna e Martin Butler

Well it's official… Summer is over. The trees are losing their cool and Orange is the new Green. The sun...
Afropolitain Magazine - Etiopia - Omo river valley

The Surmas are a pastoral tribe of southwest Ethiopia, nestled in the Omo valley, the very place where the traces...
Afropolitain Magazine - Nola Adé

The vocalist native of Chicago, Nola Adé, comes from a Nigerian American family. As smart as talented, she decided to...
Afropolitain Magazine - Luke Cage - Marvel/Netflix featuring Mike-Colter

Fan of Marvel and Geek by excellence, this year, Christmas is coming earlier than usual. Denzel Washington in a western,...
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