The practice of Yoga was brought to the West by hippie globe trotters who unfortunately passed it on to a gang of clichés. Leaving all the prejudices behind me and gathering all my courage, I complied to all of its postures.
The first time, I hoped to awake my athletic “karma”, was at the gym club. Unfortunately, the teacher’s Darth Vader breathing, who was as rookie as me, stressed me out. In 2006, I was riding the snowy slopes of Avoriaz on my snowboard with nordic girls. Every night, they initiated me to the positions and breathing exercises “ujjai”, the famous yoga “ashtanga “that combines strength, flexibility, stability, endurance and balance. It was so acrobatic and energetic that I was a sweaty face!

Yoga by Nicholle Kobi
Nicholle Kobi – Yoga

Back in Paris, I found a class on the more widespread “Hatha yoga “(lotus position). It is based on the postures “asanas”, breathing ” pranayama” and relaxation “yoga Nidra”, ideal for gently relaxing the body and mind. A big focus is put on the concentration and the breathing giving a knowledge of the discipline as a whole. I was missing the sweating face, so I switched to “Bikram yoga”. Regarding the sweating aspect, it is bananas! I was the reincarnation of a waterfall by assuming back to back positions in a 40°C room with a band of zen neo-masochists. This intensive method produces a deeper stretching of the body, promotes a faster and more efficient elimination of toxins and reduces the risk of muscle injuries.
Later on, my mat in one hand and my chai tea in the other, I started working on the “freeing of one’s being “aka “jivamitki ” during a visit to NYC. This yoga, created by Sharon Gannon and David Life, includes breathing exercises, practical adjustments and devotional songs.
Last experience to date, the “Sivananda yoga”, has opened energy channels and stimulated the chakras through singing, breathing exercises, sun salutations and inverted postures like “candle” and “pear”. My tour of yoga is not ready to end.