Clothes have to match one’s hair style. Afro women who change hairstyles often know that very well. With long, smooth hair, there’s no need to put a lot of effort in a feminine look. Jeans and a T-Shirt are enough. On the contrary, when having short hair, it is recommended to wear jewelry, makeup or dresses so that the final look does not end up being to be too boyish or masculine. Short hair cuts draw attention to the face but also on the silhouette. Look at the character of Claire Underwood in the series House of Cards . Her adjusted business dresses and high heels have an effect of “power dressing ” because of her ultra short hairstyle . If she wore the same type of outfits with a long and smooth hair, you could almost think she’s a well-paid secretary.

If you’re rocking natural short hair, your hair may be compact and look very short because of the natural shrinkage of your tresses. Maybe you wear your natural short hair for a few weeks between braids, wigs or weaves.
In any case, use your short hair as an opportunity to wear some fashion styles that compliment short hair.

  1. Opened back

    Long haired women will have to stuck their hair in a bun or place it on one side to reveal their back. With your short afro, a backless top or dress comes naturally befitting, flattering.
  2. Graphic cut outs

    Off Shoulders, cut-outs on the side, embroided or laced tops: all these details are reveals when you hair do not steal the show.
  3. A stylish backpack

    No need to care about taking your hair out of the way when you wear a backpack. Your hair will not stuck into or under it if it is short.
  4. Pretty earrings

    Your earrings will not get lost under your hair or entangle with it. You can choose and ear any design you like with short hair!
Short hair : it is all about your attitude

Volume is the biggest advantage of afro hair, short or long. Having great volume o your head gives special proportions to the silhouette. You can create the illusion that you are a few centimeters taller than you really are. Long, flat and smooth hair tends to squeeze the silhouette. Take this fact in consideration when you are considering wearing high heels or not with an outfit.

Your attitude is changing according the length of your hair. You cannot play with short hair as you would do with long hair, you cannot place them on one side, stroke it, and adopt these stereotypical attitudes of seduction. On the contrary, short hair gives you more self-assurance. Your body language is different. The attention is driven on your face, your facial expressions, on what you have to say. This can bring you forward in your professional life. And the good news is that you do not have to give up on your femininity and your fashion style. Be aware of the wide range of possibilities that your short hair gives to you and adapt your style of dress accordingly.