Issue #2
7 February 2017AfricaIssue #2

Issue #2

February 7th, 2017… Somewhere between France and the USA.
10am. (but 4am in USA)

Our beloved dictator who comes from two countries that were both defeated at CAN 2017, went for a little road trip to our wonderful and amazing printer based in the USA (actually I could have done this trip but… I’m in Paris now and.. 4am is too early for me, and “remember Oklahoma City” is our credo.)
So as I said, after a road trip to our printing office, our dictator, Ke Mak the 1st arrived at our office somewhere in USA with precious cargo: the new issue of our magazine: “#2 African Winter.”

2pm. (but 8am in USA)

In France, we are now working on the website and thinking about how to take down our Dictator.

2.30pm. (but 8.30am in USA)

After some really good suggestions and ideas, that you might have seen on the central page of this issue, we thought it was a good idea to send the files of the 2nd issue to our printer in Europe.

5pm. (but 11am in USA)

We are now listening some music from Martinique and Guadeloupe.

6pm. (but 12pm in USA)

We asked our Dictator if she could send us some pictures of the magazine without blurring the pictures. Her answer was : “No Problems, I have a Canon.”

6.25pm (but 12.25pm in USA)

The WeTransfert is here…

6.27pm (but 12.27pm in USA)

Well… Nikon must paid her a lot of money to say “No problems, I have a Canon” and insist on the fact that she has a “Canon” because our dictator, “Ke Mak the 1st” STILL found a way to blur them (or maybe our dictator used a blur effect and we just can’t understand her artwork.)

7pm (but 1pm in USA)

Why is our Dictator the only one who can meet Sir Dikembe Mutombo?!?? And why is she also the only one to taste all the good food we can see on our new issue ?

8pm. (but 2pm in USA)

Eating Crêpes, we are now writing this post, and sending to you our good vibes and the first pictures of our new baby… Afropolitain-Magazine #2 – African Winter.
Don’t miss this one. You can order it here: #2 African Winter

Afropolitain Magazine #2
Afropolitain Magazine #2
Afropolitain Magazine #2
Afropolitain Magazine #2
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