We are surrounded by laser treatments advertising. Fraxel, IPL, Yag, Infrared etc to name a few, are everywhere. However, most of them were specially made for white skin. I don’t like to feel left out so I went on a quest to figure out what their effects are on our skin and what kind of results we can reasonably expect.
It all started about 3 years ago with the media frenzy. Everything I was reading about Fraxel was positive, so I decided to try it. Unfortunately, it was a total catastrophe. The laser burned my skin so baddly that it resulted in hyper
pigmentation more severely under my eyes and on my cheeks, it also provoked an acne flare. I was devastated. A doctor specialized in reconstructive surgery told me Fraxel was great for white skin, but not for ethnics. It took 2 years for my skin to heal and I conducted my personal survey in the meantime.

Laser de Jouvence
Laser de Jouvence

I had a great result using the Genesis laser. It was a very mild laser, didn’t hurt at all and tightened my pores. I also used the “IPL” (intense pulse light) to kill acne bacteria. The combination of both always left me with a glowing skin for about a week. Thermage treatment, tightened my skin on one hand but was a little bit painful on the other hand. One downside being that it can cause facial fat loss and we don’t want that so I stopped after a single treatment. I also had the Yag laser which is good to lighten the skin, and get rid of broken capillaries and pigmentation issues. It kind of gives your skin a more uniform color. My last recommendation would be to find and try medspa, which is specialized in ethnic skin.
Now that I know a lot more about lasers, I will strongly advise to read the waiver before starting anything. Run at any sign of hyper pigmentation and acne. And finally, always ask to perform a test on your hand where your skin is actually quite similar to your face to have a better idea of it.