If you are a makeup artist or simply a makeup junkie, it is important to keep yourself organized and color coordinated. It avoids buying the same products over and over again. Because you can get easily addicted to make up and become a compulsive buyer. It is like being a kid in a candy store. So i usually would advise to clean up your make up station and organize your vanity table.

1. I love the brand Sorbus and N2 makeup co on amazon.com.

I buy all my cases from their shops. They are never out of style! Perfect for any room as a stylish way to stay well arranged.

  • ACRYLIC COSMETIC & MAKEUP STORAGE CASE organizes all your makeup and cosmetics into a dazzling personalized beauty counter
  • STYLISH & MODERN storage case holds various beauty items in one place and fits on most dressers
  • BEAUTIFULLY and orderly DISPLAY your makeup and brushes will be all in one place– Drawers are perfect for storing lipsticks, foundations, bronzers, blushes, eye shadows, primers, powders, and much more
  • FUNCTIONAL & CONVENIENT display case– great gift for any makeup lover – Can also be used to store jewelry and personal accessories

Their cases will allow you to see everything you have clearly. Sometime the whole complete case can be a little pricy so you can have different separate ones. The choice is yours!

2. Another trick, buy yourself whole Coffee Beans.

Poured into mason jars and vase as holders for lipliners, eyeliners and makeup brushes. The coffee beans bring a wonderful aroma to your house!
Get a vase, fill it with coffee beans for a great way to organize and hold all those makeup brushes, pencils, tools etc.

3. Z Palettes

Ideal for organizing and securely holding all your eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers, etc. (Makeup Geek Store and Amazon carry them)

4. Have you ever used stackable containers for loose eyeshadows pigments?

These are perfect for organizing all your pigment jars in and still be able to see them perfectly. (Consumer Crafts, Amazon, Containers stores)

5. For Lips:

You can buy Acrylic Lipstick Organizers and lipgloss holders, or do it yourself by using pills organizers case from any drugstores, break the lipstick (the process can be messy but it is so practical when traveling), make a paste with it, scoop it and put it in each compartment
– The Acrylic lipstick Organizers are amazing for organizing lipsticks so you can access them with ease. (Amazon, drugstores)

It eliminate clutter: Keep your lipstick tidy & organized to enhance the look and feel of your living or office space and ensure that you always know where your belongings are.

It is convenient:
The transparent design of Acrylic Storage Case allows you to spot the one you need.Easy to clean, Simply dampen a cloth with a little soap and water, and wipe it down

You can also create your own one using Bead organizers – These fit lipgloss containers as if they were made for them. This is ideal for holding all your lip glosses and not having to dig through them. (Consumer Crafts) (Amazon).

Enjoy and Stay Clean my soul sisters and brothers! à bientot.