Hello my soul sisters! I am back for more beauty secrets.
In this article I would like to share with you my new discovery you will remember your whole life!! SMB ESSENTIALS (It stands for skin, mind, body essentials). Don’t you already love the sound of that?
Plain Jane Beauty Creme Mineral
Plain Jane Beauty Creme Mineral

I will try each product and write about it (four lines in total called: Lotus Moon organic skincare, Son for our clean cut modern day men, Plain Jane Beauty natural and organic mineral cosmetics and last but not least, their health supplements Detox RX.)
You are going to be addicted to their philosophy and products.

I am so excited; I am not sure how I am going to sum up the amazing ideology of this black -owned wellness company.
Let me start by introducing you the founder, then one of her four brands and what made me fall in love with it.
As you know I consider myself a conscious being, therefore I am living my life the best way I can, looking for evolving.
Lately I have been replacing a lot of my makeup and skincare, with Eco friendly and organic cosmetics. I believe it is time to take care of our skin and educate ourselves on ingredients that are safe or harmful for us and our planet.

Skin, Mind, Body Essentials, LLC

Lake Louise, is a certified makeup artist from the Gwynnis Mosby Academy of Makeup Artistry in Atlanta, GA, who wanted to keep her skincare line simple, effective and good for the skin.
After graduating from Stanford University, Lake was she accepted a visiting-professor position at the University of Costa Rica teaching a course in environmental sustainability and Eco-responsibility, while also teaching Spanish-speaking community professionals English language skills. Back to the U.S. she started founded the company in 2002, where she is operating as Chief Eco-Beauty Officer (CEO).

Lake Louise Ziwa
Lake Louise Ziwa

Lake is sought out as an educator in the skin and body care world, speaking at spa conferences across the country, being a contributing writer for Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa Magazine and advisory board member from 2010-2014.
Lotus Moon professional products are used at Arizona’s Pure Aesthetics Natural Skin School in Tucson, in both esthetics certification programs and in the student clinic, to teach students the effectiveness and importance of using natural and organic products in their practice.

Lake is very passionate about social, economic and environmental justice and this is demonstrated through her hiring practices, employee salaries and benefits, the vendors chosen to do business with, and the non-profit organizations they support through financial contributions. All of the marketing material is printed locally, on post-consumer paper, Web site is run on 100-percent wind-powered energy, use of glass and recyclable plastic for our products, with labels that easily peel off for convenient recycling. NO waste behind. They bring back any boxes or packing materials to their warehouse and recycle it or reuse it.

Lotus Moon
Moisturizer Eye Serum - Lotus Moon
Moisturizer – Lotus Moon

The company, uses natural and organic ingredients to create and develop products for personal care and overall wellness. The products they develop are paraben-free, petrochemical-free, safe and beneficial for our bodies, and their production takes into consideration the impact on the planet.
The skincare line was the first to be developed combining active ingredients with therapeutic essential oils. So you get the benefits active ingredients like vitamin C, fruit-based enzymes, amino acids, peptides, and other natural and safe ingredients that would help keep skin looking vibrant and healthy for years.

Moisturizer - Lotus Moon
Moisturizer – Lotus Moon

Each individual’s skin and body composition is different and has specific needs that are constantly changing due to the season, diet, age and environmental factors. Therefore everyone should have access to effective, non-toxic products manufactured in a way to preserve the integrity of the natural ingredients using ecologically sound and cruelty-free practices.
SMB makes it a priority to show what the products are made of by providing full disclosure of ingredients at any given time. For example, if there are “hidden” ingredients within an extract that are there in order to stabilize it, you will see it listed even the extracts considered as processing agents.

Peels - Lotus Moon
Peels – Lotus Moon

Clients deserve to know everything. I mean could we ask for more? I feel safe now since I have started using the products! Voila all is said for now, I would like you to check their products such as: Milk chocolate powder mask, Organic honey purifying mask, hibiscus hydrating lotion, pink guava micro polish or pumpkin enzyme peel!!!! It is just heaven sent. I am totally sold and love the fact that it is for us by us, I will write soon about their natural makeup line Plain Jane Beauty


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