Apply Base primer on eyes (MAC cosmetics paint Layin Low)

Make Up Step 1 - 2
Make Up Step 1 – 2
Apply Nude Eyeshadow in eyelid(MAC cosmetics Soba) and brow bone All over the primer(L.A. Girls PRO.Conceal pure beige).
Make Up Step 3
Make Up Step 3

Take 2 colored pencils one light …one darker

With the lighter one create softly the shape you want. It will avoid any mistakes hard to remove. I used lime green and turquoise for this summer look
Then color the entire eyelid
Make Up Step 4
Make Up Step 4
Use the darker pencil (turquoise) and outline softly (again to avoid any mistakes) around the  shape created with the lighter pencil (lime green)
Make Up Step 5
Make Up Step 5
Take the liquid liner in the darker color (turquoise) and go over the lines u made with colored pencils.