We met the Chef from Congo, the first African to appear on the french TV show “Top Chef” upon his arrival in Paris. Two years later, the man has remained himself, feet on the ground, head on his shoulders and eyes on the horizon. The one who worships Michelle Obama and her program against obesity reminisces with us about the beginning of his career.

The last time we saw each other, you were launching your catering service, where are you with that today?

I am still doing it, I work a lot with Michèle Lamy whom I met via Mos Def, we even created a floating installation at the Venice Biennial with Asap Rocky. I regularly work on simple concepts with Rick Owens. I was in charge of the opening of the exhibition Kongo Kitoko at the Cartier Foundation. I also created my production company, I am touring throughout african villages to learn traditional recipes from grandmas, that I teach to staffs of great local restaurants. I also have a program on the french west indies TV (France Ô). It is kind of a gastronomic world tour.
I see myself as an ambassador, I want to spread new flavors from all around the world and also discover some things on my side, it is important to educate the palate. Finally, I also have a project with Vox Africa.

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