Mash plantains with peanuts, spinach sauce, smoked chicken and okra.
Mash Plantains
Mash Plantains
Ingredients for 4 people
• 4 pieces of smoked chicken breast • 3 carrots • 3 plantains • Peanut butter
• 1 bag of salted peanuts • 200g of spinach • 200g of okra
• oil, salt, pepper, red onion, maggi cube chicken, thyme, bay leaf

Make the grout spinach
– Bleach the spinach 1 minute in boiled water.
– Cool them off with ice.
– Drain.
– Toss with milk
– Season with salt, pepper
– Cool down
– Blend the mixture and toss with the cream and milk. Season again with salt, pepper.

Make the peanut butter sauce.
– Brown the carrots, onions with the seasonings, let it simmer.

Place the chicken in the pan.

Bleach the okra in water and sauté with butter and sugar for icing.

Gather all the elements and set up harmoniously.


PS: The onion pickles are achieved by marinating the onions in white vinegar and sugar overnight. For the okra, do not overcook it. It must remain crunchy according to individual tastes.