Often deemed as an eclectic, or an eccentric, design-theme, the Moroccan-inspired flair has become more popular over the last two decades. While some may fear being drenched in this land’s multi-culturally inspired style, there are simple techniques to create charming spaces, encouraged by the theme, rather than being accurately translated. Let’s look at the three main characteristics of any well-designed Moroccan theme: architecture, colors and texture.


For any Moroccan-inspired space, the most notable architectural feature used, resembles the Hassan II mosques or the marble dome of the Taj Mahal. This accentuated shape can often be seen as the opening to rooms, entries, bookcases, fireplace mantels, headboards, room dividers and furniture. The lattice effect, reflective of the ancient buildings of Old Morocco Village is another key architectural element, seen most often in tables, sideboards, decorative items and fabric.

Décoration Marocaines
Décoration Marocaines

The three most prominent colors are variations of brown, red and blue. Known for their rugged mountains and large portions of deserts, rooms inspired by this rich land are often submersed in brown furniture, flooring, and ornate decor. Shades of red are often introduced next, along with evoking passion and devotion that the culture is known for. One major Moroccan destination for tourists, Chefchaouen, is completely absorbed by blue-rinsed hues of paint on nearly every building. The deep and true blues are generally applied for a more authentic statement, while teal and turquoise often correlates to a more modern interpretation.


Quite arguably the most indispensable element when designing a Moroccan space is texture or pattern. In essence, mixing textures, both physically and visually, will be key to establishing this new sanctuary.
To sum it up, think patterns, shapes, old world, new world. Due to the organic nature of design, no matter the support, the limitations to these applied patterns are endless.
Every home should be lively and stimulating to the homeowner and guests. Be encouraged to take a few risks with the eye-catching Moroccan culture – one of much beauty and inspiration!