Ndèye Fatou Kane – Woe to live

Ndèye Fatou Kane – Woe to live

Le Malheur De Vivre - Ndeye Fatou-Kane
Le Malheur De Vivre – Ndeye Fatou-Kane

Young, beautiful, seductive and only daughter of the retailers couple Amadou and Mariam Ba, Sakina is a management student in Paris who has a bright future ahead of her when she falls in love with a womanizer during her vacation in Senegal. Ruthless and calculating, Ousmane Wane will tighten the noose around the young girl ready to do anything for the one who fastly becomes the man of her life.

This novel is one of those romantic ones, which are terrible love stories. One realizes that the author who was born in Dakar knows too well the lifestyle of Dakar’s youth, and of course, Dakar by night. If the unfolded plot leads to tragedy, the success of the novelist is to have been able to emphasize the risks facing youth when it fails to distinguish between the cultural heritage and modes of today. One imagines Ndèye Fatou Kane ask the reader if we must do anything for love. Throughout the pages, love turns to tragedy. Once settled in Paris with her husband, Sakina will live a real descent into hell, but it’s too late.
As announces Cheikh Hamidou Kane in the preface of the book, you do not want to close it before having read its epilogue. What strikes again in this beautiful, easy and effective writing to understand is the remarkable highlight of the art and the way to miss out on one’s life for love. In these times when we keep hearing that the world has become a global village, it is worth noting that the encounter between tradition and modernity sometimes offers a sad spectacle.

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