This is the story of a french mother who creates the buzz whenever she posts a new drawing on the Internet. Ladies and Gentlemen, you may now enter the wonderful world of Nicholle Kobi.
Nicholle Kobi

How did you get to drawing?

After my high school diploma in Art, I went up to Paris for a prep class. Shortly after his divorce, my father could no longer support me. I then lost all motivation and reconverted into the insurance industry at 20 years old.

Yet, here we are talking about your illustrations?

My break from drawing made me suffer a lot. The simple fact to see people with a drawing folder was painful , much like meeting one’s ex with another person. In my other career, as an alert, I felt that I needed to change soon when I was drawing on my contracts. I finally locked myself into my office to scribble. When I got pregnant with my last child, I have bought a graphic tablet and surrendered to creativity with no frame of reference. I copied the style of a blogger I was following, Garance Doré, I posted it on Facebook and Instagram and got some good feedback.

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