The vocalist native of Chicago, Nola Adé, comes from a Nigerian American family. As smart as talented, she decided to dedicate her life to singing right after graduating from law school. Let’s hear her side of he story.
Nola Adé
Nola Adé
When did you start singing?

I was in the catholic school choir in 2nd grade. We were performing gospel all around the city. I do not remember when I had my first solos but when it occured that was it ! I just started loving the spotlight!

It sounds like you inherited a strong jazz background?

I have been listening to a lot of music all my life, so I would say yes but the truth is when I am performing I am trying to be the best me.

Who would you like to collaborate with?

The list is so long, I am so open. I would say, John Legend if you insist.

Nola Adé
Nola Adé
Do your nigerian roots show up in your music?

I wear a lot of patterns. More seriously, you can hear afrobeat type with american infusion, the upbeat is definitely part of it. I stay true to my culture even though I solely sing in English so far, but broken English and yoruba are on their way.

They say you have picked singing over a lawyer career?

Music has always been there. My parents encouraged me to go undergraduate and I always had it on my mind to use it businesswise. 20% of the job is about creativity, the rest is contracts.

What can we expect from you for the year to come?

I am releasing an EP, “The Love Dance”, which is about love trouble and triumphing from it. I also have a video coming out.