One Africa Music Festival

One Africa Music Festival


One Africa Music Fest – Jidenna
You have started your company 16 years ago, what is your background?

I come from a sales background, with an undisputed drive to succeed.

How did you come up with starting a PR company that evolved into management ? Management company, celebrity booking?

There’s been no evolution, from day one my goal was to create a 360 degree media entertainment platform. I’ll like to acknowledge the expansion over the years, but that was always the plan.

Can you describe a regular day?

We never do anything on a small scale, so think big and that’s my regular day.

How do you get companies to get interested in African artists?

Introduce them to interesting artists.

One Africa Music Fest – Tiwa
What is your point of view about the evolution of African music in mainstream pop culture?

We went from from skits in MJ’s songs to a collaboration between wizkid and Drake or OMI hitting the European top charts.
Modern day Afrobeats and Afropop represent the heart and sweat of the disenfranchised youth of Africa. It’s like the new generation of the African continent came together and created one voice. It was only a matter of time.

Can you tell us more about one Africa Music Fest?

One Africa Music Fest is a platform we have created to export African Culture, it’s also a point of entry for any western influences that wants or needs to enter the African’s entertainment market. We make Africa accessible, through our bookings, management, branding and many other platforms.

What can we expect from the festival?

You can expect the voice of Africa new and old.

Is this event meant to be reconducted?

Yes we plan on making it a global movement.

Will you open it to à broader audience from french-speaking African countries like Koffi, Fally?

It’s one Africa, thus all Africans are automatically included. Our goal is to promote every single artist, band, actor entertainer, etc, that has a cultural or biological affiliation with Africa. Unfortunately, that cannot be achieved at one event or on one day as the talent is limitless.
But yes we plan on including all African artists as we move around the globe.

Do you have any funny story being confused with Psquare’s brother?

None that I can remember right now. The name Okoye is a common Igbo name and Paul, a common English name. I guess to foreigners looking in, they may be confused with us having the same name.
But if your confused just remember I am Paul O., the No. 1 African Promoter, CEO Upfront & Personal and President of One Africa Music Fest and Paul Okoye and Peter Okoye a.k.a P-Square, are my African brothers. Thank you.

One Africa Music Fest
One Africa Music Fest
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