Pegguy Tabu – “Pardonner”
10 May 2016Music

Pegguy Tabu – “Pardonner”

Pegguy Tabu & Papa Wemba
Pegguy Tabu & Papa Wemba

As a tribute to Papa Wemba check out music video “Pardonner” by Pegguy Tabu featuring Papa Wemba, on his last music video now available on Youtube.

The song will be available on Pegguy Tabu‘s album “100TABU” on June 17th.

Pegguy Tabu about Papa Wemba:
I always looked to you with admiration, the same way I had for my father. It was an honor working with “Maître d’école” and learn from him. This experience changed my life and my career forever.

Rest in Peace Immortal Icon.

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