After the biographies written by Bruno Jaffré, La patrie ou la mort and Ndongo Samba Sylla’s Rediscovering Sankara, Martyr de la liberté, and several hours spent on Thomas Sankara site, I came across the book written by Sennen Andriamirado. Sankara, le rebelle is one of the first biographies ever written on Sankara, but I could not get my hands on it for the simple reason that … it is no longer published!

Sennen Andriamirado tries to depict a man driven by an ideal – the Revolution – but with its faults and shortcomings. Together with his three sidekicks, Jean-Baptiste Lingani, Henri Zongo and Blaise Compaoré, Thomas Sankara with his famous shocking saying “Woe to those who gag the people!”, would live and would bring this dear revolution to life to his compatriots.

Sankara, le rebelle is a must-read and to be recommended to others! Sennen Andriamirado, who was also taken in his prime, did a superb job of memory recollection!