Every year as usual, we take out the shorts, swimsuits and especially the trendy fashion piece « The sun screen ».
During summertime, we are all more likely to do the minimum and that’s right, don’t we ladies ? From dry to combination and oily skins, we wish we could all have a radiant skin without imperfections even in Summer when our routine is minimised.
For dark or tanned skins, protecting our skin from the sun is too often regarded as optional but we should never forget that SPF 20 or 30 sun screen  is a protection against UVA and UVB, and also skin reinforced hyperpigmentation especially when you use unifying skin care.
So if you wish to have a radiant skin all summer long, I suggest you to choose your new companion for holidays.
Nuhanciam sunscreen Photo protective Fluid SPF 50

Using a high SPF to protect any skin tone, it really prevents white film impact on the skin. Like all their product range, it has an active anti-blemish component and it smells divine.

Biolissime unifying day cream (2 in 1)

The Smart Biolissime brand cherished us with a day cream which includes also a SPF 25. It is an adequate protection to protect you from bad sunlight while unifying your skin tone with their notorious active componant « Synovéa HR ».


SVR Laboratoire Blur Sun secure

THE FAVOURITE ONE of the year, is this sun fluid. Its foamy texture do not stick, no pastelike effect on your face and it leaves a matified skin without trace. Ahah it is so great, but it must be said that its secret lies within an optical soft-focus which helps to conceal the last imperfections that our anti-blemish treatments cannot fix.

The well-known basic treatment – Mixa SPF 30 sunscreen

100% Protected skin, Mixa fights to help moisturise the driest skins offering affordable price product solutions between SPF 20,30 or 50. My heart inclines to its fluid texture and easy penetration.

GAMARADE Sun Screenand – my little bonus, a trendy organic skin care

Among other things, this chemical-filter free dermo-cosmetic cream bursting with argan oil and essential oil fragrances, is dedicated to block the UVAs that are responsible for protein deterioration and collagen and elastin fibres destruction.