Are you ready for another orgasmic sexperience? Today, I would like to show you how to arouse your man like crazy with an original body-to-body massage!

Sometimes it’s good to take charge of the situation, men actually love that. The best is to do something that will not only turn him on but also surprise him. Remember, that men’s dream wife is a lady on their arms, a housewife in the kitchen and a whore in bed. So don’t be afraid to be a freak in your intimate moment with him. This doesn’t mean that you have to be a completely different woman; he might otherwise think you have some kind of split personality or that you are bipolar! You will scare him!


When men say they want a whore in bed it does not literally mean that it’s what they really want. What it means is that they want someone who doesn’t see sex like a dirty thing you should be ashamed off. They don’t want you to make manners like if you were too good to do this kind of stuff. They want you to let go, try things even if it’s a weird position that does not flatter your body or evoke in you something animalistic ! They certainly don’t want someone who worries about the way she looks in bed or who is constantly insecure about what she does. Just do it. They want you to enjoy the moment and let yourself getting lost in the kingdom of pleasure. Because it is what sex is all about !

So if sometimes you have this feeling that I am giving you crazy advice, or you think that you can’t picture yourself doing something like this, you need to stop thinking so much about it and open your mind. Don’t be embarrassed. And if you do, just tell your partner that you read some stuff on the Internet that sounds crazy but it would be fun to try. I am sure he will be all for it.

Now, let’s get him turned on and hard like a rock! I like the idea of giving a massage because I found it very erotic and relaxing at the same time. First you need to set up the proper ambience. Shut off the TV, phones, everything that might disrupt the ambience. Close the curtains, light some candles here and there and burn some incense.

The fact that you are not saying a word will make you look mysterious and he will begin to wonder what is next. Plus, it shows him that you are in control! Tonight you are the boss!

Set up a comfortable place where he is going to lay down and that will also be comfortable for you as you’re giving him a massage. It doesn’t have to be in your bed it could just as well be on the floor. Then, you need to get a good oil massage. Make sure it’s a very liquid one; otherwise it will be too sticky and it’s not the best thing in terms of sensation. Plus it will stain your sheets. Also, it’s always good to get some feather accessories with which you will caress his body. It varies the sensation.

Once your man is lying down naked, don’t touch him. Introduce the massage by caressing his body gently with the feather. Do it from head to toe. It might tickle him a little bit, if it makes him laugh that is a very good thing because it is the first step to relaxation. Do that for a couple of minutes, and whatever he says or asks don’t talk to him. The fact that you are not saying a word will make you look mysterious and he will begin to wonder what is next. Plus, it shows him that you are in control! Tonight you are the boss!


Apply the oil all over your body and then take the bottle and pour directly on his skin from the top of his back to the bottom. Do it very slowly. Place yourself above him, still without touching him and then let your breasts go up and down on his back. Breathe deeply every time you get close to his ears so that he can not only hear but also feel it on his neck.

Then, lay all your body on top of him so that he can feel your naked body sliding up and down on him. If he tries to turn over don’t let him because after your breast you are going to massage him with your butt. So you turn over and gently sit on his back make sure you are not hurting him, you can hold yourself with your arm on the floor or on the bed but not on him. He should only feel the pressure of your butt going up and down on him.

After couple of minutes doing this, with your butt still; sit down on his back take your hand and massage his butt and then go down all along his legs. Make sure that at the same time you do this your breast are right on top of his butt going up and down. Then tell him to roll over. I can tell you by that time he should already be feeling out of control. Don’t let him grab you yet! Giving a naughty sexy look while placing yourself in between his legs. Now while you keep your eyes on him place your breast right on his penis and begin the boob massage. At this point your man is cooked and can’t probably wait any longer so from there I leave it to your imagination !


Enjoy !