The Black History Month…

The Black History Month…

Today, the thought of the day is, “When is the “Black History Month” in France?”

February, what a Month…If February is for some the occasion to celebrate the birthday of a parent (for my part it will be my very old brother and my grandfather), or the month to buy the first and last present of the year for their loved one (single so… oh my… I will have to buy my own gift again…); In the United States of America and Canada, February is the “Black History Month.”

I know, someone will reply with the traditional : “Oh, how cute… they gave us one month!” But let’s see what France, the country who actually colonized a majority of Africa and which continues to steal the continent’s wealth; Let’s look at what France, the country that still has colonies such as Martinique, Guadeloupe, Guyana…, has to offer..

Nothing. Nada. Niet.
A day maybe? No… An Hour? No… A Minu… okay.

First Congress of Black Writers and Artists.

And yes, today France, is celebrating the famous “3 days without mobile”, and if you want to learn something by watching TV, since February 1st you can watch another new document about “Hitler” (with new evidences and new pictures) like “Hunting Hitler”, “Hitler, the secrets of the ascension of a monster”, … (maybe it is time to visit your library.)

Maybe, and that is only a supposition, maybe the “Black History Month” is only a thing that the United States and Canada celebrate, perhaps Europe does not see the utility of celebrating “That.”
Maybe… Oh no, my fault, sorry. The United Kingdom does indeed have a “Black History Month.” Nothing in February but the Valentine’s day, but they do have a “Black History Month” throughout October (probably  the “WHY” they asked for Brexit.)

But let’s return to France. Perhaps the reason if we do not have a “Black History Month” in France is for the one and only reason that we do not have black historical figures such as Aimé Césaire, Frantz FanonLéopold Sédar SenghorLéon-Gontran DamasPatrice Lumumba, Alexandre Dumas, Toussaint Louverture, Hégésippe Légitimus, Blaise Diagne,…
Wait a minute… Are they actually all from the United states? This might explain why in Europe only the United Kingdom has enough room in its calendar for a “Black History Month.”

So throughout this month, we are going to celebrate all these men, because a wise man once said, “When you do not know where you are going to, look where you come from.

Entertaining the boys with fancy dancing on roller skates. Bordeaux photographie de l’armée américaine 1918. _C. Nara


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