The Storm is Over…

The Storm is Over…

12pm (but… sooner in US.)

Last time, on our beautiful blog, I told you that we might had a plan to get ride of our “Beloved Dictator Ke Mak the 1st.”
And today, February 9th, we completed the first stage of our plan with success: The Snowstorm.
Pending her end, we are now celebrating our victory with R.Kelly and his song “The Storm Is Over.” (she wishes)

2pm (but… still sooner in US.)

Sorry Canon but… she did again… She took some pictures of the snowstorm to show us how bad it was… and right now… We are still trying to figurate which one is the worst. The snowstorm… or the pictures. The pictures… or the snowstorm. The…

Harlem Under The snow
Harlem Under The snow
2.15pm (but… in US they still have a clock running slow.)

Looooooooooool… the snowstorm and our team is now laughing front of the pictures…

2.30pm (but… Do I really have to say ?)

The snowstorm decided to leave the country for another one who knows the word “R.E.S.P.E.C.T.”… Might be Canada because in France… We do not want to see it.

2.45pm (yes… it was even 14h45 in France.)

Just remembered this song sang by a lobster, “The tree is always greener, In somebody else’s country, You dream about going up there, But that is a big mistake… Under the Snow… Under the Snow…”

4pm (but… no really US can’t do anything like the others ?)

Free at Last!
I’m heading home… another day, another tickets for the subway and another, “pretty sure that I forgot to do something.”

4.15pm (but… do the math yourself, Weekend is almost here)

The blog, I haven’t post the post of the day… (well actually…)

7pm (yess we know, in US it’s not 7pm yet.)

Just finished to write the post… now it’s time for the translation…
And as a great man said, “I love it when a plan comes together. ”

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