In France, we have the Tour de France. In the Caribbean, it takes place every year, during the month of August (late July, early August), called the Tour de Martinique in Yoles.

One of the most popular sporting events on the island, the Tour of Yoles is staged with small boats equipped with a sail and constructed by taking the design of traditional West Indian fishermen boats.

Tour de la Martinique des Yoles Rondes
Martinique Tour des Yoles Rondes, La Pointe Marin, Sainte-Anne, FÉDÉRATION DES YOLE.

This year, 19 boats took off from the start line in Fort-de-France for the prologue of the 32nd round of Martinique Yoles and a mad dash of a week long journey to the end of which we will determine the worthy successor champion UFR / Chanflor.

However, if the leading contenders of this tour are the Yoles and their crew, we can also find entertainment during the race such as Crabotour (a crab race), Concerts, …

This allows people with no interest in the Yoles race to still have fun there (if they do really exist.)

Tour de la Martinique des Yoles Rondes
Tour de la Martinique des Yoles Rondes
Les Étapes :
Etape 1 – Lun 01/08Fort-de-France >> Anses d’Arlet
Etape 5 – Ven 05/08 : Trinité >> Saint-Pierre
Etape 6 – Sam 06/08 : Saint-Pierre >> Fort-de-France