What have you done for me lately…
18 March 2017Issue #2

What have you done for me lately…

“Eddie!!! Eddie!!! Eddie… What have you done for me lately? Eddie?”

For those who don’t know that… well let’s say that you might found it on Netflix under the name “Raw” – Eddie Murphy.

Now, let’s answer to that question “What Have you done for me lately…”

Well, our new issue is out, available in 6 countries and around the world if you click HERE; We are now looking for an advertising agency (Europe or US or Both); and as I’m writing this news, we already start to think about the next issue.

Now, let’s talk about something important that happened to our Dictator Keziah the First…

Link - Zelda
Zelda – Breath of the Wild

Well, nothing important… we started to watch Iron Fist by the way, and also saw the movie Logan, played Zelda Breath of the Wild on Switch and it is sooooo delightful… if you haven’t tried it yet… Just Do It…. because Yes You Can!

So… Yes, I had something to say about our Dictator Ke… Have you noticed that… Since a couple of week, in New York, you have a snow storm… this thing would have never happened under Obama presidency… just saying… same as the Game of Thrones delayed to July… never happened under Obama… just saying…

Oh yes, our Dictator just had an interview with the LPNY (LaPetiteNewYorkaine) and since I am a really nice guy, here is a link to this wonderful interview… and guess what… Our Dictator called me her “Right Hand Man”… well as long as I’m not the Hand… because I watched Game of Thrones and I do know that this position ain’t a safe one if you love life such as I do.

So now… Ladies and Gentlemen, Afropolitaines and Afropolitains… Our leader Keziah The 1st is speaking. Here come the speech.


NB. By the way… I asked our dictator what picture I should put on this article and she said :”as you want… put the cover magazine”… and since I’m a rebel because Luke Skywalker taught me how… I will put the cover magazine but only because I was going to do it.


Afropolitain - Le Sucre - Source d hypertension

The bitter side of sugar

Afropolitain - Attikié Sushi

Recipe for Attiékié Sushi